StarSpell 3 Spelling Guide - Linking the Spelling Route to this Guide

This Guide aims to demystify how spelling is learned. It shows smart ways to help learners, both using StarSpell and with activities away from the computer. All the practice in the Guide is based on actual classroom experience

Linking the Spelling Route to this Guide

The Spelling Route relates to various stages:

· Stage 1: Discovering Words

· Stage 2: Preparing for Phonics

· Stage 3: Early Phonics

· Stage 4: Further Phonics

· Stage 5: Beyond Phonics

· Stage 6: Near-Correct

· Learners needing extra support, looks at the needs of those learners. It describes approaches to the stages of the Spelling Route in the light of learners' differing strengths, weaknesses and motivation. StarSpell adopts a "Stage not Age" approach: learners need to develop the spelling skills and knowledge relevant to their existing stage of proficiency, regardless of age.