StarSpell Word Lists

The word-lists for Starspell 3.1 are in three parts: the set of words for the Main Starspell course; New for version 3.1 (April 2015), the set of words to support the National Curriculum requirements (England 2014); and the set of words for the Phonics (Letters & Sounds) section.

Word Lists

The Main Word Lists: The lists make a comprehensive approach to spelling. Phonic patterns are presented in a rational order. There are also many lists for each main school subject, and lists of words with interesting connections. Over 600 lists, more than 4,500 words

The DfE National Curriculum 2014 Lists: New for version 3.1 (April 2015), StarSpell supports and extends the statutory requirements for English Spelling of the National Curriculum in England 2014 with the addition of new word lists and hundreds of new words, contextual sentences and images.

The Phonics - Letters & Sounds Word Lists: For beginning readers. Around 280 lists and more than 1500 words. Includes a "Tops & Tails" section

The Yr2 to KS3 Lists (Not 3.1): Consists of a set of termly objectives for Key Stage 2, together with sets of useful words for individual subjects in Key Stage 3. Not in StarSpell 3.1


Every word in Starspell 3 has an associated sentence, spoken and written. At the earliest stages the sentences are intended to be heard rather than read, and the criterion for them is that they should be within the pupil's level of understanding rather than spelling. In this way Starspell is a resource for helping with reading as well as spelling.