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England Nat. Curriculum Yr 1

Sounds /f/ /l/ /s/ /z/ /k/ at end

'ck' ending
back kick pack pick sack sick tick
digraph 'ff' at end of word
off puff cuff huff
'll' at end of word
hill bell fill fell doll tell ill well
'ss' at end of word
fuss boss hiss kiss less loss mess miss
'zz' at end of word
fizz buzz
Exceptions to 2 letters at end
pal if bus us yes

Sounds /nk/; /tch/; /v/ as -ve

'-nk' as in bank
honk sink pink bunk bank sunk think wink
/tch/ sound as in catch
hutch kitchen catch witch fetch notch pitch
Exceptions to -tch for /tch/
such which much rich
/v/ sound at end as in love
love have give live

Words of more than 1 syllable

2 syllables
sunset begun rabbit thunder pocket carrot

Add '-s' or '-es' to nouns and verbs

Plurals ending in -s
rocks pins pans jugs cubs beds
3rd person singular ending in -s
thanks spends flaps wags
Plurals ending in -es
boxes brushes matches wishes
3rd person singular ending in -es
fixes washes watches catches

Adding 'ed' 'ing' 'er', unchanged root

Simply add -ing to verbs
hunting buzzing jumping resting costing bending
Simply add -er to verbs
buzzer hunter catcher helper
Simply add -ed sounds like /ed/
rested lifted melted hunted mended
Simply add -ed sounds like /d/
buzzed filled killed
Simply add -ed sounds like /t/
limped jumped crashed dressed puffed

Adding 'er' 'est', unchanged root

Simply add -er to adjectives
older thicker richer grander fresher quicker
Simply add -est to adjectives
quickest freshest grandest softest oldest

Vowel digraphs 'ai' to 'ur'

'ir' as in bird
skirt shirt first girl dirty bird third
'ur' as in church
curl hurt church burn burst turn Thursday fur
'a-e' as in cake
same made late game came cake take safe
'i-e' as in five
ride side time white bike five line like slide quite
'ay' as in play
day say play crayon spray stay tray way may
'oy' as in boy
joy loyal royal annoy boy enjoy toy
'e-e' as in swede
these complete swede delete theme
'ar' as in car
car start dark farm garden park bark arm
'ea' as in beak (/ee/)
dream each sea beak team seat read meat
'ea' as in bread (/e/
bread deaf dead head instead meant read thread
'er' as in fern (/ur/)
verb kerb her person perfect fern term stern
'er' as in better (/uh/)
sister never under better helper summer winter
'u-e' as in cube (/yoo/)
cube huge tune tube use
'u-e' as in flute (/oo/
June plume rude rule crude flute brute
'ai' as in nail
aim snail rain nail train afraid paid
'oi' as in boil
join oil soil moist point boil coin
'o-e' as in note
rose note home hope hole stone those woke
'ee' as in tree
speed tree week meet see sleep green

Vowel digraphs 'oo' to 'ie'

'oa' as in coat
soap road loaf coal coast coat boat float goal coach
'ou' as in cloud
out mouth cloud count around about ground sound
'ew' as in newt
stew dew few new newt
'ew' as in screw
screw flew grew drew chew threw blew
'ue' as in blue
blue clue glue true untrue
'ue' as in statue
Tuesday due pursue statue value rescue argue
'oe' as in toe
hoe toe goes foe woe
'oo' as in boot (/oo/)
moon food boot cool soon spoon zoo
'oo' as in book (/uu/)
took wood cook book foot good look hook
'ow' as in cow (/ow/)
how now down crowd clown brown town cow
'ow' as in window (/oh/)
own throw window yellow grow show blow snow
'ie' as in pie (/y/)
tried pie die tie lie cried dried dries
'ie' as in thief (/i:/)
thief grief field brief chief shriek relief

Vowel digraphs/trigraphs 'igh' to 'are'

'or' as in fork
sort sport for fork short horse morning born
'air' as in chair
unfair stairs chair hair fairy fair pair air
'ear' as in earth
early earn earth pearl search heard learn learning
'ore' as in shore
wore sore swore before more score shore snore
'aw' as in paw
raw paw jaw lawn law crawl draw straw saw yawn
'igh' as in night
bright high night sigh right light thigh
'au' as in haunt
taunt astronaut haunt August author dinosaur
'ear' as in bear (/air/)
bear pear tear swear wear
'are' as in bare (/air/)
spare bare rare share beware care dare scared
'ear' as in ear
dear ear beard year near hear spear

Words ending in '-y'

Words ending '-y' (/ee/ or /i/)
funny very family happy silly puppy party

New consonant spellings 'ph' & 'wh'

'ph' as in dolphin
phonics phantom elephant dolphin alphabet
'wh' as in wheel
while whack wheel when which whisper where

Using 'k' for the /k/ sound

'k' for /k/ sound before 'e' 'i' & 'y'
sulky kept king Kent skin kit sketch

Adding the prefix 'un-'

Adding 'un-' as a prefix
unsafe unhappy unlock undo unwell unload unfair

Compound words

Two words joined together
bedroom handbag dustbin playground blackberry football farmyard

Common exception words

Yr 1 exceptions 'the' to 'says'
a says today of to the said do
Yr 1 exceptions 'are' to 'has'
has are is his was were
Yr 1 exceptions 'I' to 'we'
we they you your he me she be I
Yr 1 exceptions 'no' to 'where'
by go so no my here there where
Yr 1 exceptions 'love' to 'ask'
some once love one come ask
Yr 1 exceptions 'friend' to 'our'
full friend our put push pull school house

England Nat. Curriculum Yr 2

Graphemes for the /j/ sound

/j/ sound ends '-dge' as in bridge
fudge edge badge bridge dodge smudge hedge
/j/ sound ends '-ge' as in cage
age charge bulge village cage huge change
/j/ sound with 'ge' as in gem
legend urgent angel ginger gem
/j/ sound with 'gi' as in giant
giraffe ginger giant magic rigid
/j/ sound with 'gy' as in gym
gym energy apology stingy
/j/ sound with 'j' before 'a' 'o' & 'u'
jug enjoy jacket adjust jar join jog

Graphemes for /s/ /n/ /r/ sounds

/s/ sound as 'c' in race
dance ice cell race mice space twice
/s/ sound as 'c' in city
pencil city circus cinema citizen decide
/s/ sound as 'c' in cycle
cycle fancy mercy piracy
/n/ sound as 'kn' in knock
know knee knife knob knock knot
/n/ sound as 'gn' in gnome
gnome gnat gnash gnaw
/r/ sound as 'wr' in write
wrote written wrong wrap wreck write

/l/ or /uhl/sound at end of words

/(schwa)l/ sound as '-le' in apple
table apple cradle candle bottle middle little
/(schwa)l/ sound as '-el' in camel
level travel camel tunnel squirrel towel tinsel
/(schwa)l/ as '-al' in hospital
pedal capital metal hospital animal equal
'-il' ending as in pencil
fossil pencil stencil nostril

Words ending 'y'

/y/ sound in '-y' as in fly
try reply sky July fly dry cry

Add -es to nouns & verbs ending in 'y'

'y' to 'i' & add 'es': cry>cries
cries babies tries carries flies replies copies

Add to words ending '-(consonant)y'

'y' to 'i' & add 'ed' copy>copied
copied replied dried hurried cried fried
'y' to 'i' & add 'er' copy>copier
funnier easier happier healthier copier
'y' to 'i' & add 'est' easy>easiest
funniest healthiest easiest happiest
keep 'y' & add 'ing' cry>crying
tidying crying carrying frying copying replying

Add to words ending '-(consonant)e'

drop 'e' add 'ing' hike>hiking
hiking diving writing caring hoping moving
drop 'e' add 'ed' hike>hiked
dared lived moved amused hoped hiked liked
drop 'e' add 'er' hike>hiker
hiker nicer grater freezer whiter larger simpler
drop 'e' add 'est' nice>nicest
latest fiercest simplest largest whitest nicest
drop 'e' add 'y' shade>shady
shiny slimy tasty greasy hasty shady easy

Add to endings of -(1 vowel 1 consnt)

doubles consonant pat>patting
digging getting hopping patting dropping humming beginning
doubles consonant pat>patted
hummed dropped patted nodded slammed grabbed
doubles consonant sad>sadder
hotter sadder fatter runner bigger
doubles consonant sad>saddest
fattest saddest reddest biggest
doubles consonant run>runny
muddy carefully really runny tinny spotty usually
'x' is never doubled
mixing mixer mixed boxer sixes fixes boxes

More graphemes

/or/ sound as 'a' before 'll' in call
ball all call fall small wall tall
/or/ sound as 'a' before 'l' in walk
talk stalk walk almost always
/u/ sound as 'o' in glove
other mother Monday glove front brother come nothing
/ee/ sound as '-ey' in donkey
key donkey chimney money monkey valley turkey
/o/ sound as 'a' after 'w' in swan
wander want watch wash swan swallow
/o/ as 'a' after 'qu' in quarrel
squash quantity quality quarrel qualify squad
/ur/ as 'or' after 'w' in worm
world work worth worm worse word
/or/ as 'ar' after 'w' in warm
towards warning warm warden reward war
/zh/ sound as 's' in television
collision treasure usual measure television pleasure

Suffixes -ment -ness -ful -less & -ly

words with suffix '-ment'
movement measurement payment treatment enjoyment
words with suffix '-ness'
plainness eagerness sickness kindness sadness
words with suffix '-ful'
powerful careful faithful useful playful
words with suffix '-less'
hopeless restless pointless breathless careless
words with suffix '-ly'
badly carefully bravely slowly silently
but suffixes to words ending 'y'
happily shyly happiness merriment plentiful penniless


contractions with apostrophe
hasn't it's I'll where's couldn't didn't can't

Possessive apostrophe

possessives (singular)
girl's child's man's Megan's Ravi's

Words ending in -tion

Ending in 'tion'
motion station section fiction addition national

Homophones & near homophones

there to hear
here they're hear there their
quite to bare
bare quiet see quite bear sea
one to two
son one too won sun two to
be to knight
knight night blue be blew bee

Yr 2 exceptions to standard rules

door to because
because floor door poor
find to climb
mind kind find behind child climb wild children
most to told
both told cold gold hold old only most
every to steak
even everybody break steak great every
pretty to past
last fast beautiful after pretty past
father to bath
pass path grass bath class father plant
hour to eye
hour improve sure sugar move prove eye
could to many
whole who would any many should could
clothes to half
again half people clothes water busy
money to Christmas
parents Mr Mrs money Christmas

England Nat. Curriculum Yrs 3/4

Suffixes -ing -ed -er etc. to 2 syllables

doubling as forget>forgetting
preferred forgetting forgotten beginner preferring equipped beginning beginning
undoubled as garden>gardening
happened gardening gardener limitation limited limiting happening

Sounds of 'y' and 'ou'

/i/ sound as 'y' in gym
mystery sympathy gym crystal Egypt myth pyramid
/u/ sound as 'ou' in couple
touch double country couple trouble young

More prefixes

'dis-' as in disagree
disconnect distrust disappear disagree disobey disappoint
'mis-' as in misbehave
misbehave misspell mistreat mishap misprint mislead
'in-' means 'not' as in inactive
insincere indignity inhuman inactive incredible incorrect
'in-' before 'l' becomes 'il-'
illegible illicit illegal illogical
'in-' before 'm' or 'p' becomes 'im-'
imperfect impolite impatient immature immortal impossible
'in-' before 'r' becomes 'ir-'
irregular irreplaceable irresponsible irresistible irrelevant
're-' as again or back as in redo
replay redo refresh reappear redecorate return
'sub-' under as in submarine
subtitle subdivide subheading submerge submarine
'inter-' between as in intercity
interchange interact intercity interrelated international
'super-' above as in supermarket
superman superstar supersonic supernatural supermarket
'anti-' against as in anticlockwise
antiseptic antifreeze anticlockwise anticlimax antisocial
'auto-' self as in autograph
autobiography autograph automatic autopilot automobile

Suffixes -ation, -ly

'-ation' as in sense>sensation
information adoration sensation admiration variation preparation conservation
'-ly' as in sad>sadly
usually sadly completely comically finally bravely suddenly
'-ly' as in happy>happily
angrily easily happily hungrily noisily
'-ly' as in gentle>gently
gently humbly nobly simply
'-ally' as in basic>basically
basically frantically dramatically
'-ly' exceptions
duly wholly truly

Endings sound like /zhuhr/or /tzhuhr/

/zh/ sound as in treasure
exposure treasure measure pleasure enclosure
/ch/ sound as in picture
creature adventure picture nature mixture furniture
/chuh/ sounds as in teacher
richer stretcher catcher teacher

Endings sound like /zhuhn/

/zhuhn/ ending as in collision
confusion television tension invasion division decision collision

The suffix -ous

'-ous' poison>poisonous
mountainous dangerous poisonous
'-ous' fame>famous
adventurous famous carnivorous
'-ous' fury>furious
various furious mysterious
'-ous' no obvious root word
jealous tremendous enormous
'-ous' humour>humorous
humorous glamorous vigorous
'-ous' courage>courageous
outrageous gorgeous courageous advantageous
/i/ before '-ous' as in serious
curious obvious serious
/i/ before '-ous' as in hideous
hideous courteous spontaneous

/shuhn/ sound spelt -tion -sion etc

'-tion' invent>invention
attraction injection invention action collection suggestion
'-tion' decorate>decoration
completion decoration relation hesitation celebration
'-ssion' express>expression
possession omission discussion confession expression
'-ssion' permit>permission
expression transmission admission permission
'-sion' explode>explosion
invasion decision explosion extension expansion comprehension
'-sion' tense>tension
tension confusion revision precision
'-cian' music>musician
politician magician optician musician electrician mathematician
exceptions to -sion rules
attention intention

Sounds for ch, -gue, -que, sc

/k/ spelt as 'ch' in chorus
chorus echo ache anchor chemist character scheme
/sh/ spelt as 'ch' in chef
parachute machine chalet chef brochure
/g/ ending as '-gue' in tongue
dialogue vague tongue catalogue league rogue
/k/ ending as '-que' in antique
unique antique technique mosque
/s/ spelt as 'sc' in science
muscle discipline fascinate crescent science scissors scene

/ay/ sound with ei, eigh, ey

/ay/ sound spelt as 'ei' in vein
rein vein
/ay/ sound spelt as 'eigh' in eight
weight neighbour neigh eighty eight
/ay/ sound spelt as 'ey' in obey
they obey prey grey

Possessive apostrophes with plurals

apostrophes with plurals
girls' boys' babies'
apostrophes for irregular plurals
children's men's mice's

Homophones, near homophones

accept to bawl
bawl effect except accept affect ball
berry to fare
fair berry bury brake fare break
grate to hear
groan here great grate hear grown
heel to male
knot not heel heal he'll mail male
main to mist
mane medal meddle missed main meat meet mist
peace to reign
rein piece peace reign rain plain plane
scene to who's
whose who's weather scene seen whether

Special word lists for years 3 and 4

accident to arrive
appear address actually accident accidentally actual answer arrive
believe to business
breathe busy believe breath business build bicycle
calendar to complete
complete century caught centre circle calendar certain
consider to disappear
consider difficult decide continue describe disappear different
early to experience
eight eighth enough early earth exercise experience
experiment to forwards
experiment extreme forwards famous February favourite forward
fruit to heart
guide guard heard grammar group fruit heart
height to island
history imagine interest height increase island important
knowledge to mention
learn length library material knowledge medicine mention
minute to often
minute notice occasion occasionally natural naughty often
opposite to position
opposite ordinary position particular peculiar perhaps popular
possess to promise
possess possible probably pressure possession promise potatoes
purpose to sentence
recent quarter sentence reign regular remember purpose question
separate to therefore
surprise separate therefore strength suppose straight strange special
though to women
thought weight various through women woman although though

England Nat. Curriculum Yrs 5/6

Endings sound /shuhs/ in -cious -tious

/shuhs/ as '-cious' in precious
vicious delicious malicious conscious precious suspicious
/shuhs/ as '-tious' in cautious
ambitious cautious infectious nutritious fictitious

Endings sound as /shuhl/ in -cial -tial

/shuhl/ sound as '-cial' in official
special social official artificial crucial
/shuhl/ sound as '-tial' in partial
essential partial confidential potential
not 'c' after vowel 't' after consnt
financial commercial provincial initial

Ends in -ant -ance -ancy -ent -ence…

-ation as clue to -ant -ance -ancy
hesitant observant observance expectant hesitancy tolerant substance tolerance
-ent etc after soft 'c',soft 'g', 'qu'
innocence decency frequent confident confidence decent innocent emergency
-ant -ent etc. other than above
assistant independent obedience obedient assistance independence

Endings in -able, -ible, -ably, -ibly

-ation as clue to -able
abominable adorable tolerable applicable considerable variable
-ation as clue to -ably
considerably applicably tolerably adorably
keep 'e' adding -able to -ce or-ge
changeable noticeable irreplaceable
drop 'e' as in force >forcible
eligible collapsible forcible legible
-able as in depend>dependable
dependable understandable reliable comfortable renewable enjoyable
-ible if no root word as in visible
visible audible incredible possible horrible terrible
-ibly if no root word as in visibly
horribly terribly visibly incredibly possibly
-ible if a root word can be heard
sensible accessible reversible
-ibly if a root word can be heard

Add vowel suffixes to endings in -fer

'r' doubled if -fer still stressed
referral preferring transferring referring transferred referred preferred
'r' not doubled if -fer unstressed
preference referee reference transference

Use of the hyphen

use of hyphens
re-enter co-own co-operate co-ordinate

/ee/ sound spelt ei after c

ei, not ie after c as in ceiling
receive perceive ceiling deceive conceive
/ee/ spelt ei as in seize
protein caffeine seize

Words containing 'ough'

ought as in bought
ought thought fought brought bought nought
ough as in rough
rough enough tough
ough as cough
trough cough
ough as in though
although dough though
ough as in through
ough as in thorough
thorough borough
ough as in plough
bough drought plough

Words with silent letters

silent 'b' as in lamb
numb limb lamb crumb comb climb thumb doubt
silent 'g'' as in gnome
gnaw sign design gnome gnash gnat reign
silent 'h' as in hour
hour honour honest heir
silent 'h' as in rhino
rhubarb rhino rhythm rhyme
silent 'k' as in knight
knot knock knob knee knit knight knife kneel
silent 'l' as in half
should palm half could walk talk would calf yolk
silent 'n' as in column
condemn autumn column solemn
silent 't' as in thistle
rustle listen castle wrestle thistle whistle

Homophones and confusions

aisle to effect
aloud affect allowed effect aisle isle
altar to bridle
altar alter ascent assent bridal bridle
cereal to dessert
compliment complement descent dissent dessert serial cereal desert
draft to guest
draught farther further guessed draft father guest
heard to passed
morning heard herd led lead mourning passed past
precede to stationery
profit prophet principle principal stationary proceed precede stationery
steal to whose
steal steel wary weary who's whose

Special word lists for years 5/6

accommodate to ancient
accommodate accompany according aggressive amateur achieve ancient
apparent to bargain
average apparent appreciate attached available awkward bargain
bruise to competition
bruise category community competition committee communicate cemetery
conscience to curiosity
correspond conscious conscience convenience controversy criticise curiosity
definite to embarrass
determined develop disastrous embarrass definite dictionary desperate
environment to excellent
exaggerate especially excellent environment equipment equip equipped
existence to government
existence familiar foreign frequently explanation government forty
guarantee to individual
guarantee immediately immediate individual harass hindrance identity
interfere to mischievous
marvellous mischievous lightning interrupt interfere language leisure
muscle to opportunity
neighbour necessary muscle nuisance occupy occur opportunity
parliament to programme
privilege profession persuade physical parliament prejudice programme
pronunciation to rhyme
rhyme queue relevant pronunciation recognise recommend restaurant
rhythm to sincerely
sacrifice sincere shoulder signature rhythm sincerely secretary
soldier to temperature
stomach sufficient symbol system temperature soldier suggest
thorough to yacht
twelfth vegetable thorough vehicle yacht variety

KS3 subject lists


forms of art
perspective portrait landscape abstract frieze sketch
tools and materials
kiln colour acrylic charcoal palette easel
talking about art
exhibition collection dimension spectrum display gallery
illusion impasto highlight pastel crosshatch foreground collage

Design + Technology

flour knife ingredient hygiene nutrition carbohydrate natural recipe vitamin protein knives
tension fabric linen polyester fibre textile sew
specification technology design aesthetic flowchart innovation portfolio brief
evaluation machine disassemble mineral presentation production component technology manufacture


the show
performance applause curtain entrance perform theatrical exit theatre freeze
characteristics position movement share rehearse rehearsal lighting spotlight character stage director
playwright inspire script scene scenario dramatise improvise


the writer's craft
simile metaphor onomatopoeia personification imagery alliteration figurative rhyme synonym
structure of words
prefix vowel consonant suffix plural
exclamation subordinate comma preposition conjunction grammar apostrophe clause paragraph
advertisement myth narrator narrative genre advertise tabloid
talking about text
chorus soliloquy atmosphere comparison playwright expression resolution dialogue scene


country longitude latitude atlas county contour globe
tourism tourist amenity infrastructure nation national wealth provision poverty employment habitat
desert rural urban estuary region abroad regional international settlement authority location
general terms
pollution climate erosion physical weather situation transportation landscape function transport


civilisation emigration disease citizen immigrant
agricultural agriculture economy economic economical trade
religious cathedral priest Protestant
government reign parliament republic politics political independence colony colonisation dynasty constitutional imperial imperialism
terms (general)
bias propaganda source chronological contradiction motive document current contradict chronology
castle revolution invasion defence conflict rebel revolt siege traitor rebellion


handling information
data cursor justify byte document delete database megabyte binary
computer monitor hardware cartridge CD-ROM disk module scanner processor electronic modem memory
icon interface input interactive output password preview keyboard multimedia sensor
connection server connect cable internet network
spreadsheet graphic virus software program


book types
anthology encyclopaedia non-fiction series fantasy thesaurus genre romance magazine novel dictionary
author editor librarian publisher
classification irrelevance relevance system alphabetical relevant irrelevant alphabet catalogue
inside books
article index glossary extract content copyright section


approximately calculate divide multiply subtraction guess division estimate multiplication addition average
arithmetic terms
fraction negative percentage positive ratio recurring denominator numerator minus decimal digit
triangles & angles
vertical equilateral isosceles alternate perpendicular vertex corresponding vertices degree adjacent angle
diameter triangle quadrilateral rhombus circumference square parallelogram perimeter radius triangular
volume centimetre kilogram litre metre tonne amount measure weight kilometre
symmetry parallel regular irregular rotation reflection horizontal axis axes reflect rotate symmetrical
algebra and graphs
co-ordinate equation graph


conductor choir orchestra percussion musician instrument orchestral synchronise syncopation tempo timbre
ostinato pitch harmony melody dynamics instrumental lyric ternary triad vocal composition score octave rhythm
reading music
interval crotchet major minim minor quaver semibreve chord chromatic


squad athlete qualify tactic tournament field pitch league athletic relay
parts of body
injury medicine mobile biceps hamstring mobility quadriceps triceps muscle
activity agility exercise gymnastic personal active gym agile


discussion approval prefer preference pressure encourage reality approve control discipline encouragement gender involve involvement reward
representative dependent represent communication relationship
problem areas
addict addiction dependency racism racist sanction sexism sexist stereotype
generosity emotional generous achieve achievement emotion effort able ability


creation Hinduism Buddhist Christian Hindu Israel Jewish Muslim Sikh Judaism Buddhism Islam Sikhism
funeral baptism festival burial celebrate celebration wedding ceremony marriage
prayer religion pilgrim pray shrine spiritual religious Bible commitment hymn temple mosque synagogue pilgrimage disciple
symbols and signs
miracle spirit prophet sign special symbol
parable morality prejudice biblical commandment immoral immorality moral


chemical method vessel temperature laboratory apparatus hazard thermometer
other processes
pressure evaporation exchange freeze condensation combustion friction
alkaline element liquid particles oxygen acid solution frequency
predator amphibian insect vertebrate organism mammal
life processes
digest reproduce respire circulate growth digestion cycle function nutrient respiration circulation

Helpful revision based on KS3 wordlists

accommodation to audience

word list
audible alcohol although accommodation argument analyse analysis atmosphere audience assessment actually
'-lly' as in actually
actually normally officially originally usually
double consnt as in assessment
assessment embarrass necessary possession parallel interrupt
'al-' as in although
also always already almost although
'-ible' as in audible
responsible sensible incredible audible reversible visible collapsible digestible accessible
'-ience' as in audience
patience obedience conscience convenience audience

autumn to chocolate

word list
autumn beginning chocolate buried believe caught business beautiful beneath
unstressed vowel as in chocolate
desperate interesting separate poisonous chocolate definite deliberate
'-aught-' as in caught
taught naughty daughter caught
'-mn' as in autumn
condemn solemn hymn column autumn
'be-' as in beneath
beneath below behind between beyond beside because before
doubling consnt as in beginning
grinning referring travelling beginning stirring winning dialling planning
'-ied' suffix as in buried
buried cried dried hurried worried fried married

climate to daughter

word list
daughter conclusion conscious conscience climb concentration consequence continuous creation column
'-mb' as in climb
climb comb crumb limb numb thumb tomb
'-ation' as in concentration
relegation illustration demonstration education relation dictation isolation concentration
'-sion' as in conclusion
collision invasion decision division explosion conclusion persuasion
'-ence' as in consequence
presence silence evidence difference reference consequence sequence

decide to embarrass

word list
diamond embarrass disappoint decide definite development disappear decision design diary
syllables split as in diary
diary biology violin creation diamond reaction
'dis-' as in disappoint
disappoint disloyal disorder disprove disappear dislike disease
'-ci-' as in decision
decision acid cinder cigarette cinema city pencil society decide
'-gn-' as in design
gnarled reign sign design gnat gnash gnome
'-ment' as in development
advertisement movement treatment payment measurement development engagement

energy to forty

word list
engagement enquire fierce explanation evaluation environment forty February evidence energy
'-ier-' as in fierce
fierce pierced pier cashier
'-gy-' as in energy
strategy energy gym stingy
'-tion' as in evaluation
demonstration illustration completion promotion relegation relation pollution proposition evaluation
'-en' as in enquire
enquire enforce engulf enable encircle encourage enrich enlarge

fulfil to industrial

word list
furthermore guard health happened fulfil imaginary improvise height industrial
single 'l' as in fulfil
welcome welfare cheerful skilful fulfil already always
'-eigh-' as in height
weight weigh neigh neighbour sleigh eighty height
'-ned' as in happened
happened listened loosened fastened frightened ripened opened
'-ea-' as in health
wealth sweat dead deaf bread breath health head instead
'-ial' as in industrial
material memorial radial aerial terrestrial industrial
'-ary' as in imaginary
secondary imaginary temporary voluntary dictionary ordinary library necessary
silent 'u' as in guard
disguise guard guarantee guest guess guilty guide guitar biscuit build

interesting to meanwhile

word list
lonely material marriage lovely interesting interrupt jealous meanwhile knowledge issue
'-ue' as in issue
overdue tissue avenue argue rescue barbecue value continue
'-ous' as in jealous
dangerous poisonous murderous thunderous adventurous nervous famous carnivorous jealous
'-ely' as in lonely
surely extremely rudely safely closely bravely lovely lonely

miscellaneous to participation

word list
necessary original parallel miscellaneous participation modern mischief murmur moreover nervous
silent 'c' as in miscellaneous
miscellaneous discipline disciple muscle scent scissors science convalescent adolescent
'-ie-' as in mischief
diesel relief belief mischief
'-ern' as in modern
modern lantern cavern pattern concern eastern
'-ur-' as in murmur
turnip church burst curly hurt murmur
'g' as in original
magic rigid original origin giant gin ginger

pattern to possession

word list
people performance possession permanent peaceful persuasion persuade physical pattern
'-su-' as in persuade
persuasive persuade suede persuasion
'-ple' as in people
purple people couple example multiple
'-y-' as in physical
typical physical system gym myth mystery sympathy
'-cal' as in physical
musical physical typical medical magical chemical political electrical
'-ful' as in peaceful
powerful harmful faithful careful truthful useful colourful peaceful
'-ance' as in performance
attendance clearance disturbance appearance performance allowance

potential to receive

word list
preparation prioritise proposition questionnaire queue proportion reaction potential process receive
'-tial' as in potential
initial essential potential residential
'-ce-' as in process
process announcer deception decent recent licence

reference to sequence

word list
reference relief Saturday separate remember safety resources secondary research sequence
'-our-' as in resources
resources pouring courtroom downpour tourist fourteen your
're-' as in relief
rearrange recollect relief remove request referee record rehearse
'-ear-' as in research
pearl research search heard learn learning early

shoulder to surely

word list
sincerely stomach straight strength shoulder success surely skilful soldier strategy
'-oul-' as in shoulder
shoulder boulder mouldy poultry
writing letters e.g. sincerely
Madam truly signature dear Yours sincerely faithfully
'-s-' as in surely
pleasure leisure measure exposure surely treasure
'-ch-' as in stomach
school scheme echo ache anchor chemist Christmas stomach

surprise to women

word list
survey technology Wednesday weight women tomorrow unfortunately weird surprise technique texture
'-ise' as in surprise
surprise revise televise exercise clockwise
'sur-' as in surprise
survey surface surgery surfer survivor surprise
'-ey' as in survey
grey prey survey
'-que' as in technique
unique antique technique
'-ture' as in texture
texture capture nature mixture departure adventure moisture
'-eir-' as in weird
their heir weird
'-techn-' as in technology
technique pyrotechnics polytechnic technology technical technophobia technician

Homophones and confusions

homophones 1
two through threw too source sauce sights sites
confusions 1
choose chose too affect to advise advice brought bought effect
confusions 2
are conscience conscious quite our quiet
homophones 2
practise allowed aloud practice braking breaking coarse course

Vowel choices

mixed /ay/ (day )phoneme
paint play snail cake baby flame train tray spray great
mixed /y/ (by) phoneme
thigh try tight wild crime blind slide pie kind
mixed /oh/ (no) phoneme
hope coal coast float grow throw told stone stroke coach roll
mixed /oo/ (soon)phoneme
tooth threw true grew crude brute blue smooth
mixed /oy/ (boy)phoneme
toilet royal soil poison loyal joint employ annoy boil
mixed /ow/ (cow) phoneme
cloud crowd growl ground now mouth prowl sound
mixed /air/ (hair) phoneme
where wear there stairs fairy chair bear scare share
mixed /or/ (north)phoneme
sport board chalk door draw fourteen launch snore small
mixed /er/ (butter) phoneme
perfect search shirt herb earth girl burn burst
mixed /uu/ (took) phoneme
push hood hook full bush bull cook wooden

Making plurals

'-s' cry > cries
carries dries hurries worries cries
baby > babies
cities daisies families ponies stories babies puppies pennies
monkey > monkeys
boys guys keys monkeys toys trays ways
half > halves
shelves thieves wolves wives loaves halves knives
roof > roofs
beliefs chiefs chefs cliffs roofs
kiss > kisses
boxes coaches brushes matches kisses
hero > heroes
cargoes dominoes echoes heroes potatoes tomatoes volcanoes
kilo > kilos
kilos photos pianos radios solos videos


I have > I've
I've we've could've should've might've must've
you had, you would > you'd
he'd I'd she'd they'd you'd
do not > don't
couldn't shan't won't isn't wasn't haven't don't didn't can't
they're shouldn't o'clock I'm shan't it's they'd they've


aside aloud asleep awake around alike along across
because before between beyond beside beneath below behind
'dis-' as negative
disconnect distrust dislike disappear disease disagree disorder
forecast forefinger foresee forewarn foreground forehead foreman forecourt
'pre-' before
prefix preschool prehistoric prepacked precooked
're-' do again
renew rehouse replay review replace
'un-' as an opposite
untrue untrue unwell unwell uncertain uncertain unfair unfair unfriendly unfriendly unknown unknown untidy untidy unsafe unsafe
'ex-' out of
export excluding excursion excavate except exit extract
forgive forbidden forget forsake
'im-' without
imbalance impede immaculate immediate immense immune
'per-' through
permanent perspire persuasion permit perforation performance perfume persuade
'co-' together
coerce coexist cooperate


'-ful' spoon > spoonful (nouns)
mouthful bucketful cupful armful spoonful
'-less' care > careless
aimless airless breathless careless countless effortless pointless
'-ness' sad > sadness
carelessness eagerness sickness darkness fitness goodness sadness kindness
'-tion' collect > collection
connection election suggestion exhibition invention collection
'-tion' illustrate > illustration
pollution relation completion demonstration illustration promotion relegation evaluation
reference difference evidence presence silence consequence sequence
persistent urgent excellent absorbent different independent
incredible responsible sensible accessible collapsible digestible reversible visible
'-ous' danger > dangerous
bulbous poisonous murderous thunderous dangerous
hot > hotter > hottest
hottest redder reddest biggest hotter bigger
large > larger > largest
largest whitest simplest fiercest fiercer later latest simpler larger whiter
happy > happier > happiest
funnier happiest easier funniest happier healthier healthiest easiest

Suffixes for tenses

'-ing' grin > grinning
referring travelling grinning stirring beginning dialling winning planning
'-ing' carpet > carpeting
carpeting happening limiting targeting visiting
'-ing' with eye, -ie, -o, -oe
echoing eyeing hoeing lying shoeing tying vetoing radioing
'-ed' grab > grabbed
grabbed hopped sunned nodded knitted slammed
'-ed' amuse > amused
dared dated amused droned hoped moved
'-ed' cry > cried
cried dried hurried worried fried married buried
'-ed' video > videoed
echoed radioed vetoed videoed

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