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The lists make a comprehensive approach to spelling. Phonic patterns are presented in a rational order. There are also many lists for each main school subject, and lists of words with interesting connections. Over 600 lists, more than 4,500 words

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Important 'sight' words

Essential words 1

being and doing words
got had is was went
whereabouts words
with up there to in on
words for joining
and but then so
other useful words
the when of it
people words
he she we you

Essential words 2

people words
they him his me my
being and doing words
like have said came go were
whereabouts words
down at back out
useful words 1
all for this that some
useful words 2
very big not little

Essential words 3

people words
our their them us your
being and doing words
will would be are could do
more doing words
put made going saw called
whereabouts words
into over off from about
time (when) words
after again as now

Essential words 4

doing words
play made come lived found want took
question words
why when what where which who how
words for joining
if or next once
useful words
too yes no other by away

Other important words

being and doing words
been give make must want may don't goes does done gave shall
time words
afternoon tomorrow yesterday never today soon awake morning before
good much old small these those any every many an both
other useful words
upon under own myself together only please just here because around

Words by theme

fairy stories
giant fairy dragon magic spell castle witch forest prince wicked wishes princess
teacher classroom workbook read write paper pen pencil school book
family and friends
boy baby brother child father friend girl mother uncle aunt sister children
birthday balloons cards crisps presents sweets game cake sandwich
coach zoo bus play car minibus ticket seat picnic train
parts of the body
arms ears face fingers hands nose toes eyes mouth legs head hair foot feet
familiar places
garden home kitchen shop bathroom bedroom town lounge supermarket
pony gerbil goldfish hamster mouse rabbit puppy horse dog kitten cat

Numbers, days, months, colours

numbers 1 to 10
eight five four one nine six seven three two ten
days of the week
Sunday Tuesday Thursday Wednesday Saturday Monday Friday
February December April August March May June January July September November October
numbers 11 to 20
fourteen twenty eleven twelve thirteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen
colour words
white purple yellow green black blue brown red

One letter for one sound

Short vowels

ran jam hat man cat can bad bag had
get bed leg net hen red set pen pet yes
win pig six hid his him lid lip bit big
box fox dog lot hot job pop not top
sum sun mum cup cut fun mug bus but
short vowels, plurals
beds cubs dots nets legs jugs pans pins rats

Final consonant blends

sell pill hill doll fell fill bell bill tell will
boss fuss hiss kiss less loss mess miss
luck lock kick pick pack sick sack duck back tick
tuft soft loft lift left
milk hulk silk bulk sulk
belt felt pelt kilt melt
mumps lamp limp lump jump imp pump damp bump camp
bend and end pond send sand hand land lend
lungs long hang king ring sing bang song wing
sulking bending costing sinking singing resting jumping
'-nk' as in bank
honk sink pink bunk bank sunk think wink
went tent ant bent dent pant sent hunt
husk risk rusk desk dusk tusk
test west best cost rest just list must nest

Initial consonant blends

black blank block blot blend blink blob blunt
clamp clang click cliff cling clock clog club clump
flan flag flap flat fling flop fluff
glad glen glint gloss glum
plump plus plum plan planet plank plastic
slack slam slap slug slept sling slip slit slot
bring brim brisk brick brag bran brand
crust crack crab cramp cress cricket crisp crop cross
drill drink drip drop drum dress drift drag dragon
from frill frock frog frost frond fret
grip grit grub gruff grunt grill grin grand
prod prong prop pram prank present press print prison
track traffic tramp trick trim trip trot truck trunk
scum scan scoff scab scalp
skid skill skim skin skip skull
smack smell smock smug smut
snack snag snug snap sniff snip snob snub
spend spell spill spin spit span spots
stamp stand step stunt stick still stiff sting stop stuck
swam swank swell swift swig swim swill swing
scrap scrimp script scrub scruff scrum
splendid splat splint split
sprang sprat sprig spring sprint
strong struck string strand strap
quack quest quick quill quilt quit quiz

'y' as a vowel

'-y' as in happy
puppy lucky hobby happy family twenty very funny
'-y' as in fly
try fly fry dry cry by sky

Letters combined for one sound

'ch', 'sh' and 'th'

rich much chat check chimp chicken chin chips such
wish cash brush crash fish ship shop shell
'th' as in tenth
tenth thump thud thank theft think thick thin thing
'th' as in them
this that then them with
punch pinch munch lunch hunch finch bunch bench
catch hutch kitchen match pitch scratch witch switch stretch

Vowels doubled: 'ee' and 'oo'

'ee' as in tree
speed tree see meet week sleep feel feet green
'oo' as in boot
food cool boot pool proof moon tooth soon spoon smooth
'oo' as in foot
took wooden look hood hook book cook foot good

Two different vowels

'ai' as in nail
aim nail rain train wait snail paid afraid
'au' as in haunt
taunt launch laundry haunt gaunt taut
'ea' as in beak
beak heat meal team steam seat dream
'ea' as in bread
sweat wealth head health instead bread breath dead deaf
'ie' as in shield
field grief brief chief shriek shield thief
'oa' as in coat
soap road loaf coal coast coat boat float goal coach
'oi' as in boil
boil coin moist joint point oil soil
'ou' as in cloud
sound out mouth cloud count about around ground
'ou' as in couple
cousin couple courage country nourish trouble young

Vowels with 'r'

'ar' as in garden
spark star start park market march hard dark garden farm
'er' as in fern
fern her kerb herb perfect person term stern
'ir' as in bird
third shirt skirt first girl dirty bird
'or' as in fork
for fork short morning horse sport sort born
'ur' as in church
curl Thursday turn fur hurt church burst burn
'air' as in chair
chair fairy fair hair pair unfair stairs air
'ear' as in ear
spear hear year ear dear cousin gear beard
'ear' as in earth
early earn earth pearl search heard learn learning
'ear' as in bear
pear bear tear swear wear
'eer' as in beer
steer beer cheer peer jeer
'oar' as in boar
hoard oar roar boar soar board
'our' as in flour
sour flour scour our hour
'our' as in four
pour four fourteen court your
'are' as in square
spare square dare beware care scare share rare
'ire' as in fire
retire hire bonfire admire fire fireman wire enquire
'ore' as in shore
wore snore sore swore before more score shore

Vowels with 'w'

'aw' as in paw
raw paw lawn law jaw crawl draw straw saw yawn
'ew' as in newt
stew dew few new newt
'ew' as in screw
screw flew grew drew chew threw blew
'ow' as in cow
vow cow brown clown down crowd growl now how
'ow' as in window
show grow flow throw slow window yellow

Vowels with 'y'

way spray stay tray crayon away say play day
loyal royal annoy boy convoy employ enjoy toy destroy

Vowels with 'gh'

tight thigh right sigh night high
neigh eighty eight sleigh weight weigh
taught daughter fraught caught naughty

'wh', 'ph', 'thr', and 'shr'

whack whisper whip whirl whiskers wheat wheel
'wh', question words etc.
what when where whether which why
nephew phantom photo orphan alphabet graph elephant dolphin
thrush thrill throb throng
shrug shrub shred shrill shrimp shrink

One letter alters another

'e' alters vowels (split digraphs)

'a-e' as in cake
same made late game cake came take safe
'e-e' as in swede
theme swede these complete delete
'i-e' as in five
five bike like line quite slide time white ride side
'o-e' as in note
pole stone those woke rose note home hole hope
'u-e' as in cube
compute fuse cube use tune tube
'u-e' as in flute
crude flute brute June plume rude rule
'e' as in hoe, blue
pie hoe clue blue glue die true toe tie

'e' alters 'c' and 'g'

twice surface space dance force cell mice race service audience
received receive perceive ceiling conceited deceive deceit
general garage cage angel orange hinge huge stage strange
hedgehog judge midget sledge badger badge bridge fudge fidget edge

'i' alters 'c' and 'g'

cigarette citrus city civilian civil cinder cinema circus acid
ginger giant gin rigid origin original magic

'y' alters 'c' and 'g'

mercy juicy fancy emergency spicy fleecy
strategy stingy energy gym

Final 'll', 'ld', 'nd' alter vowels

'a' as in ball
fall all ball call hall tall stall small snowball wall
'-ild' as in child
wild mild child
'-ind' as in blind
blind find grind mind kind rind
'o' as in gold
old hold gold fold bold cold told sold

'w', 'qu' alter 'a', 'ar' and 'or'

'wa' as in swan
swamp swan swallow want wander wad wash watch was
'war' as in warm
warm warp wart warden warmth warn warning
'wor' as in worm
word work world worm worse worship worth fireworks
'qua' as in quarrel
quarrel quality quantity squat squash squander

Words with silent letters

Silent vowels

silent final 'e'
pause please purse house horse have love give cheese because
silent 'u'
biscuit build guard guess guest guide guilty guitar guarantee disguise
catalogue league intrigue plague rogue vague tongue

Silent consonants

kneel knee knew knife knight knit knob knock knot
wrap wreck wrong wren wrench wring wrist write
tomb thumb lamb limb numb climb comb crumb
design gnome gnash gnat reign sign gnarled
silent 'l'
should palm half could chalk walk stalk talk yolk calf would
silent 't'
whistle castle wrestle thistle glisten listen listening rustle
silent 'c'
scene scent science scientist scissors muscle
silent 'h'
honour hour honest heir
rhubarb rhino rhetorical rhombus rhea rhythm rhyme

Prefixes, suffixes, roots

Living word-formation

compound words
windmill sunset notebook dustbin handbag lipstick milkman birthday
add 'anti-' to make a new word
anti-noise anti-rust anti-work anti-wrinkle
add 'ex-' to make a new word
ex-boyfriend ex-convict ex-serviceman ex-king ex-parrot ex-egg
add 'pre-' to make a new word
pre-punched pre-Roman pre-book
add 'pro-' to make a new word
pro-British pro-hunting pro-fitness pro-cycling
'-like' similar to
jewel-like pastry-like flower-like frog-like
'-wise' concerning
food-wise money-wise transport-wise fun-wise

Prefixes (OE) on real words

asleep aside aloud awake around alike along across
although also always already almost
beyond because before between beside beneath below behind
forsake forget forgive forbidden
forewarn forehead foreman foresee forecast foreground forefinger forecourt
forthcoming forthright forthwith
'un-' as undoing actions
unwrap undo untwist uncover unearth unload
'un-' as an opposite
unknown unknown unfair unfair unfriendly unfriendly uncertain uncertain untrue unwell unwell untidy untidy untrue unsafe unsafe
withdraw withstand withhold

Prefixes (Latin) on real words

'de-' undo
defrost decode decamp deforested dethrone
'dis-' as negative
disconnect distrust disagree disease dislike disappear disorder
'en-' do, perform
enquire encircle enforce engulf enable enlarge enrich encourage
'im-' as negative
impatient immortal immature imperfect impolite impossible
'in-' as negative
incredible indignity inactive inhuman insincere invalid
'mis-' do wrongly
mishap mislead misprint misspell misunderstood misuse mistimed mistreat
'pre-' before
prefix preschool prehistoric prepacked precooked
're-' do again
renew rehouse replay review replace

Other common prefixes

'ab-' away from
absorbent absent abstain abominable abrupt abound absurd
'ad-' towards
adjacent adore adventure advice advise admire admission address
'com-' together
compare command comment composed comfort company complete
'con-' together
confront concern concert condemn connect conquer contain continue
'de-' down, from, away
describe defence deflate defer descend destroy detergent
'de-' as very
deliver demand devastate deserve
disappointed discovery disgusting dismay disposable
'ex-' out of
excavate except exit extract excursion export excluding
'im-' as into
improve immerse imbibe implode imply immigrant import
'im-' without
impede imbalance immune immense immaculate immediate
'in-' as negative
innocent inevitable infant injury individual
'in-' as into
instruct intend include infect infer inhabited inspire inflate
'per-' through
permit perforation performance perfume permanent perspire persuasion persuade
'pre-' before
predict prefer presume pretend prevent preserve preside
'pro-' before
protect protest progress promise propose proceed prospect process
're-' again
rehearse rearrange recollect request remove relief record referee
'sub-' under
subdue subject submarine submerged subside subtract suburbs

Further prefixes (Latin)

'anti-' against
anticlimax anticlockwise antidote antifreeze antiseptic
'bene-' good
benefit benefactor benevolent
'co-' together
coerce coexist cooperate
'co[ll]-' together
collaborate collate colleague collect colloquial
'contra-' against
contraflow contravene contradict
'co[rr]-' together
correct correspond corrode corroborate corrugated corrupt
'extra-' beyond
extraordinary extrasensory extraterrestrial extravagant
'i[ll]-' not
illegal illegible illicit illogical
'i[rr]-' not
irrational irregular irrelevant irreplaceable irresistible irresponsible irreversible
'inter-' between
interchange intermediate interrogate interrupt interfere international interval
'intra-', 'intro-' within
introspection intravenous introduce
'mal[e]-' bad
malevolent malnutrition malfunction maltreat
'mani-, manu-'
manicure manipulate manufacture manuscript
'non-' not
nonconformist nondescript nonentity nonplussed
'ob-' against, towards
object obliged obliterate observe obsolete obstacle obstruct obvious
'post-' after
post-date postgraduate postpone postscript
'super-' over
superfluous superimposed superlative supernatural supersede supersonic superstitious supervisor
'sus-' under
suspicious suspect sustain suspense
'trans-' across
transfer transatlantic transform translate transmit transparent transport
'ultra-' beyond
ultramarine ultrasonic ultraviolet
'ambi-' both, around
ambidextrous ambient ambiguous ambition ambivalent

Further prefixes (Greek)

'a-' not
amoral apolitical asymmetrical apathy atom
'amphi-' both
amphibious amphitheatre amphibian
'ana-' up,back
anatomy anachronism anagram analysis
'arch-' chief
archangel architect archbishop
'auto-' self
autograph automatic automobile autopilot
'epi-' on, over
epidemic epilogue episode epitaph
'hypo-' under, defective
hypochondriac hypocritical hypodermic hypothesis
'mega-' big
megabyte megaphone megastar megawatt
'meta-' after, changed
metabolism metamorphosis metaphor
'micro-' little
microphone microscope microwave
'para-' beside
parable parabola paradox paramedic paranormal parasite paragraph parallel
'sym-', 'syn-'
symmetry symptom syndicate syndrome synonym synopsis sympathy symphony
'tele-' far
television telegram telepathy telephone telescope

Common suffixes (OE)

'-en' gold > golden
earthen golden silken woollen wooden
'-ern' east > eastern
eastern northern southern western
'-ful' faith > faithful (adjectives)
colourful useful truthful peaceful powerful harmful faithful careful
'-ful' beauty > beautiful
beautiful merciful fanciful
'-fully' graceful > gracefully
gracefully carefully cheerfully faithfully hopefully painfully truthfully
'-ly' happy > happily
noisily happily hungrily easily busily bodily angrily
'-ish' fool > foolish
babyish darkish fiendish foolish greenish outlandish smallish
'-less' care > careless
breathless airless careless countless effortless pointless aimless
'-like' war > warlike
businesslike childlike ghostlike lifelike sportsmanlike warlike
'-ly' bad > badly
badly quickly wrongly suddenly slowly quietly silently
'-ly' queen > queenly
beastly cowardly friendly motherly queenly
'-most' inner > innermost
innermost topmost foremost
'-some' awe > awesome
awesome fearsome irksome quarrelsome tiresome troublesome
'-ward' down > downward
homeward backward upward downward forward
'-wise' like > likewise
clockwise likewise streetwise
'-y' greed > greedy
greedy weighty messy rubbery sulky dirty
'-y' shade > shady
easy tasty noisy greasy hasty shady shiny slimy
'-y' fog > foggy
funny foggy muddy witty baggy spotty starry tinny

Common suffixes (OE, Fr)

'-craft' needle > needlecraft
handicraft needlecraft witchcraft
'-dom' star > stardom
boredom freedom kingdom officialdom stardom wisdom
'-en' light > lighten
weaken sweeten lighten harden strengthen tighten
'-ette' diminutive
cassette courgette maisonette marionette serviette cigarette
'-ful' spoon > spoonful (nouns)
armful mouthful bucketful cupful spoonful
'-hood' adult > adulthood
adulthood childhood falsehood neighbourhood
'-let' diminutive
booklet droplet leaflet piglet ringlet starlet
'-ling' diminutive
gosling nestling seedling underling yearling
'-ness' sad > sadness
carelessness eagerness sickness darkness fitness goodness sadness kindness
'-ship' friend > friendship
citizenship companionship friendship hardship relationship
'-th' long > length etc.
width wealth strength health length ninth
'-ness' busy > business
business happiness bossiness juiciness readiness

Common suffixes (Latin)

'-able' reason > reasonable
reasonable breakable drinkable enjoyable bookable acceptable
'-ance' appear > appearance
attendance clearance disturbance performance appearance allowance
ignorant important hesitant significant triumphant
presence silence reference difference evidence consequence sequence
different independent urgent excellent persistent absorbent
accessible collapsible digestible reversible visible incredible responsible sensible
serious previous obvious furious anxious various
active defensive effective impressive attractive defective expensive
'-ment' measure > measurement
advertisement movement treatment measurement payment development engagement
'-ous' danger > dangerous
thunderous bulbous poisonous murderous dangerous
tension confusion fusion precision profusion revision
'-sion' explode > explosion
persuasion decision explosion division conclusion invasion
mission possession confession compression discussion expression impression
'-tion' collect > collection
exhibition suggestion connection election collection invention
'-tion' illustrate > illustration
pollution relation completion demonstration illustration promotion relegation evaluation
'-tion' solve > solution
evolution resolution solution revolution
pressure moisture failure sculpture adventure departure culture

People/place suffixes

attendant descendant inhabitant informant immigrant assistant servant
beggar burglar vicar liar scholar
adversary missionary dignitary secretary
absentee employee payee refugee trainee referee
auctioneer engineer mountaineer pioneer volunteer
agent correspondent resident student president
builder cleaner farmer painter speaker teacher worker
actress empress mistress princess tigress waitress stewardess
beautician electrician magician musician optician politician
balloonist biologist pianist florist guitarist journalist cyclist chemist
sailor director actor editor narrator sculptor visitor
youngster fraudster pollster trickster speedster songster
'-ary' places
apiary aviary dispensary granary library
'-ery' places
monastery brewery cemetery colliery bakery surgery
'-ry' places
quarry foundry country dairy
'-ory' places
factory laboratory dormitory lavatory observatory territory

Further suffixes (Latin)

accuracy diplomacy delicacy conspiracy piracy bankruptcy fallacy
'-age' cover > coverage
passage postage blockage coverage leakage wastage
buoyancy infancy pregnancy truancy discrepancy redundancy vacancy
voluntary temporary library necessary ordinary dictionary secondary imaginary
'-ate' verb
activate dedicate donate motivate operate punctuate vaccinate
'-ate' adjective
accurate affectionate literate numerate obstinate passionate immaculate
prejudice avarice cowardice justice malice
patience obedience conscience convenience audience
anxiety notoriety piety society variety
neutrality possibility probability reality morality
acrimony matrimony testimony ceremony
'-sion' convert > conversion
conversion diversion inversion subversion
'-ssion' procede > procession
accession concession recession procession
altitude attitude gratitude latitude solitude fortitude longitude multitude
'-ule' diminutive
capsule globule granule minuscule module molecule
'-ure' create > creature
creature enclosure pleasure

Further suffixes (L, Gr)

personal several hospital natural local central animal annual equal final
lunar regular circular linear
terrestrial radial memorial material aerial industrial
alcoholic artistic athletic demonic historic magnetic metallic
arid fluid frigid humid tepid vivid
obedient nutrient convenient gradient ingredient
magnify modify classify glorify beautify fortify mortify
fragile juvenile mobile agile futile hostile fertile
crystalline divine elephantine feline saline alpine canine
inferior superior interior exterior junior senior prior ulterior
basis bronchitis diagnosis emphasis oasis paralysis synthesis analysis
'-asm', '-ism'
criticism journalism enthusiasm sarcasm mechanism atheism
comatose grandiose morose
convalescent effervescent fluorescent incandescent reminiscent adolescent
'-ology' study
theology apology mythology technology

Suffixes for tenses

'-ed' sounding as /ed/
wounded waited mended shouted painted delighted crowded greeted
'-ed' sounding as /d/
poured sailed teamed showed growled rained
'-ed' sounding as /t/
puffed reached jumped crashed dressed asked
'-ed' amuse > amused
dared dated amused droned hoped moved
'-ed' cry > cried
cried dried hurried worried fried married buried
'-ed' video > videoed
echoed radioed vetoed videoed
'-s' cry > cries
carries dries hurries worries cries
'-ing' carry > carrying
standing carrying dreaming going waiting
'-ing' carpet > carpeting
carpeting happening limiting targeting visiting
'-ing' dig > digging
swimming rubbing digging getting hopping
'-ing' grin > grinning
grinning referring travelling beginning stirring planning dialling winning
'-ing' write > writing
writing caring coming hoping moving
'-ing' with eye, -ie, -o, -oe
echoing eyeing hoeing lying shoeing tying vetoing radioing
'-ed' grab > grabbed
grabbed hopped sunned knitted slammed nodded

Suffixes for plurals

dot > dots
dots hills frills apples spots
baby > babies
cities daisies families ponies stories babies pennies puppies
monkey > monkeys
boys guys keys monkeys toys trays ways
half > halves
shelves thieves wolves wives loaves halves knives
roof > roofs
beliefs chiefs chefs cliffs roofs
kiss > kisses
kisses matches boxes coaches brushes
hero > heroes
cargoes dominoes echoes heroes potatoes tomatoes volcanoes
kilo > kilos
kilos photos pianos radios solos videos
irregular plurals
children women feet mice men geese teeth salmon lice sheep

High > higher > highest

high > higher
longer higher older deeper younger smaller taller
high > highest
tallest deepest fastest highest longest smallest youngest oldest
hot > hotter > hottest
hottest redder reddest biggest hotter bigger
large > larger > largest
largest whitest simplest fiercest fiercer later latest simpler larger whiter
happy > happier > happiest
funnier happiest easier funniest happier healthier healthiest easiest

Prefixes of quantity

'mono-' one
monocle monogamy monopoly monocycle
'uni-' one
unicorn uniform unique unit
'prim-' first
primary primate prime primitive
'bi-', 'bin-' twice
bicycle binary binoculars biscuit
'du-' two
duet duel duo duplicate
'tri-' three
tricycle trio tripod triple
'quad-' four
quadrant quadruplet quadrilateral
'cent-' hundred
centurion centipede century
'kilo-' thousand
kilowatt kilometre kilohertz
'mill-' thousand
millennium millimetre millilitre millisecond
'pan-, panto-' all
panorama panning pantomime panacea
'omni-' all
omnivorous omnipotent omniscient
'poly-' many
polygon polythene polytechnic
'multi-' many
multimedia multipurpose multitude multiplication
'semi-' half
semicolon semicircle semiconductor

Roots (Latin)

'-ann-' year
anniversary annuity biennial perennial annual
'-aqua-' water
subaqua aquarium aqualung aquamarine aqueduct
'-cav-' hollow
excavate cave cavity concave
'-duc-' lead
deduct ductile education introduce aqueduct conductor duke product
'-fort-' strong
effort force comfort reinforce fortress fortify
'-miss-' send
missile commission transmission missionary admission permission omission
'-mort-' death
mortgage mortal mortify murderous immortal
'-pend-' hang
appendix depend pendant pendulum pending suspense independent
'-port-' carry
portable export support report transport import
'-scrib-' write
nondescript postscript inscribe scribe description scribble script
'-terr-' the earth
inter subterranean terrace terrain terrier extraterrestrial
'-vis-' see
advice television survey envy videos revision provide invisible

Roots (Greek)

'aero-' air
aeroplane aerobatics aerobics aerodrome aerodynamic
'-ast-' star
astronomy asteroid asterisk disaster astronaut
'-bio-' life
antibiotic biosphere biography amphibious biology
'-chron-' time
anachronism chronic chronicle synchronous chronology
'-gram-' letter
grammar programme hologram anagram diagram
'-graph-' writing
geography graph photograph paragraph autograph graphite
'hydro-' water
hydrofoil hydrogen dehydrated hydraulic hydrotherapy
'-logo-' word
illogical technology dialogue prologue biology
'-phil-' love
anglophile philanthropist philatelist philosopher
'-phon-' sound
microphone telephone symphony phonetics cacophony
'-photo-' light
telephoto photocopier photogenic photon photosynthesis photograph
'-poli-' city
politics metropolis cosmopolitan politician
'-scope' view
stethoscope scope periscope microscope telescope
'-techne-' art or skill
technophobia technician technology technical polytechnic pyrotechnics technique
'-theo-' a god
theology atheist enthusiasm
'-zoo-' animal
zoology zodiac protozoan zoo

Further explorations

Syllables and spelling

compound words
windmill sunset notebook dustbin handbag lipstick milkman birthday
split like kit-ten
sudden puffin paddock rabbit lesson hidden cotton kitten
split like bas-ket
plastic zebra basket panda picnic trumpet napkin pumpkin
split like lem-on
visit robin shadow lemon metal body habit finish
split like la-bel
label hotel minus moment pilot pupil secret silent stupid
split like du-et
triumph lion poem diet duet

More vowel sounds

'a' as in bath
father fast glass after bath ask class plant last
'ei' as in eight
neigh neighbour reindeer freight eight vein sleigh weight
'ei' as in ceiling
deceit deceive conceited ceiling receive perceive
'o' as in dove
other mother money brother come dove glove front some done
'oor' as in door
floor door moor poor
sounds of 'ough'
rough dough enough cough bough tough through thorough thought
'u' as in bull
bull bush full pull push put
'y' as in python
nylon rhyme python cycle style reply
'y' as in crystal
syrup sympathy crystal gym rhythm pyramid mysterious
'a' as in acorn
paper acorn angel able
'e' as in demon
demon decent lenient recent secret she
'i' as in minus
idle climb minus triangle sidle
'o' as in over
holy over only open
'u' as in uniform
unit tunic puny unicorn truth uniform

More consonant sounds

'ch' sounds as /k/
stomach school scheme Christmas chemist anchor ache echo
'ch' sounds as /sh/
chef chalet charade chassis chiffon parachute machine sachet
'ci' sounds as /sh/
official precious conscience conscious artificial efficient crucial sufficient social special
other /sh/ sounds
sugar sure action ocean pension ration national mission initial
'gh' sounds as /f/
rough cough enough trough tough laugh

Patterns in word endings

'-ar' as in cellar
vinegar sugar collar cellar mortar
'-el' as in angel
model label level kennel quarrel parcel angel travel
'-ery' as in jewellery
stationery confectionery embroidery finery lottery jewellery machinery
'-ey' as in donkey
money monkey journey honey chimney valley turkey donkey
'-il' as in daffodil
utensil stencil civil council daffodil fossil lentil pencil
'-le' as in cradle
cradle table cable ladle sidle maple noble
'-le' as in ankle
nimble bundle grumble candle ankle simple handle single
'-le' as in apple
middle battle bottle bubble dribble gobble apple cuddle

Words ending in vowels

camera cocoa saga banana umbrella vanilla zebra cinema
alibi fungi graffiti hi-fi macaroni safari spaghetti taxi
cargo hero potato tomato zero echo photo volcano
caribou emu flu gnu impromptu tutu menu
panacea rhea idea nausea area
coffee committee guarantee degree jubilee pedigree toffee chimpanzee
tattoo bamboo cuckoo hullabaloo shampoo igloo


phoneme /r/ (rat)
rap wrap write wring ring right
long phoneme /ay/ (day)
rain reign weigh weight way wait rein great grate
long phoneme /air/ (hair)
bare there their pear pair bear stair stare
long phoneme /ee/ (see)
reed meet flea flee meat peace piece read
long phoneme /oh/ (no)
loan lone sew rowed so road
spellings of /ohl/ (bowl)
hole hold bold whole soul sole holed bowled
long phoneme /or/ (north)
board bored saw sore four for
phoneme /n/ (net)
knight knew new night knot not no know
other homophones
allowed deer lessen weather whether aloud lesson dear
phoneme /s/ (sit)
practice licence license cereal practise serial
other consonant phonemes
know won write where whole wear no one right new knew hole
3-way homophones
their there to two they're too

Interesting derivations

from people's names
cardigans sandwiches wellingtons diesel
from mythical characters
martial panic music atlas cereal hygiene volcano titanic
from places
port academy canter currant denim indigo swede tangerine
from acronyms
laser quango quasar radar scuba yuppie sonar nylon
words with unusual histories
diary salary confetti tawdry tennis omnibus
shortened words
taxicab navvy fridge telly exam zoo

Words from other tongues

words from North America
moccasin skunk moose totem tomahawk
words from Arabic
mattress alcohol hazard sofa
words from Dutch
buoy snoop easel skipper brandy yacht
words from French
queue meringue mayonnaise bouquet souvenir duvet
words from Gaelic
slogan whisky whiskey clan bard
words from German
poodle delicatessen dachshund waltz nickel
words from Hindi
bungalow chutney shampoo cot
words from Italian
spaghetti umbrella pizza replica motto piano studio serenade
words from Japanese
karate karaoke tycoon futon
words from Persian (Farsi)
bazaar caravan shawl taffeta
words from Spanish
alligator canyon mosquito plaza ranch lasso stampede
words from Turkish
tulip coffee kiosk turban

Words often misspelled

business words 1
correspondence committee business accommodation address faithfully sincerely necessary
business words 2
liaise height immediately delivery approval certainly communication clerk weight
business words 3
suggestion authority efficiency limited mortgage marketing recommendation procedure purchase profited
are letters doubled? 1
occurred occurrence omitted omission referred reference
are letters doubled? 2
preferred preference prefer transfer transferable transferred
awkward words 1
water vehicle woman women yacht people quarter medicine leisure journey
awkward words 2
interesting lovely separate opposite embarrassed especially exaggerate desperate beautiful suppose
confusing homophones 1
canvas canvass cheque currant current check
confusing homophones 2
practice formally formerly licence principal stationary principle practise license stationery
words often confused 1
wander were where advice advise except accept loose lose quiet wonder quite
words often confused 2
effect disease affect decease emigrant eligible eminent imminent human humane immigrant illegible

Curriculum subject lists


textual sources 1
autobiography biography poem literature drama fiction poetry novel genre
textual sources 2
romance farce horror legend mystery ballad comedy satire sci-fi sonnet thriller tragedy myth
textual sources 3
account article newspaper pamphlet bulletin essay magazine brochure advertisement report leaflet
text analysis 1
criticism context style character description favourite vocabulary depth paraphrase portrayal quotation setting theme
text analysis 2
chapter clause introduction layout narrative title subtitle phrase extract conclusion paragraph sentence scene episode dialogue
text analysis 3
idea irrelevant communicate draft argument bias editing objective opinion persuasive relevant subjective summary
skills of writing
allegory alliteration ambiguity assonance imagery metaphor personification simile motif onomatopoeia irony hyperbole rhythm rhyme suspense
non-print media
cassette watch screen listen cinema commentary film headline lighting view visual video theatre radio
finding your way
alphabetical thesaurus bibliography caption contents index encyclopedia glossary catalogue dictionary library reference research illustration
people in the media
playwright narrator editor journalist actor correspondent reporter director author producer advertiser cameraman poet presenter scriptwriter
parts of speech
adjective adverb conjunction demonstrative indefinite noun participle preposition pronoun verb definite
apostrophe asterisk capital hyphen margin punctuation colon comma brackets
words about language
jargon dialect suffix accent consonant tense vowel grammar prefix word language


numbers 1 to 10
eight five four one nine six seven three two ten
numbers 10 to 100 (+ 1000)
ten thirty thousand twenty forty fifty eighty ninety sixty seventy hundred
numbers 1st to 10th
seventh second sixth ninth eighth fifth first fourth third tenth
numbers 10th to 100th
tenth thirtieth twentieth fortieth fiftieth eightieth ninetieth sixtieth seventieth hundredth
arithmetic terms 1
fraction addition multiplication factor increase decrease equal multiple remainder difference division coefficient consecutive indices total
arithmetic terms 2
integer numerator denominator recurring mathematics computation approximate decimal zero negative positive
arithmetic terms 3
minus factor ratio quotient inverse multiple index notation
algebra terms
simultaneous equation reduce substitute formulae quadratic function variable simplify ratio brackets formula proportional substitution polynomial
handling data 1
tally maximum minimum chart frequency pictogram median gradient linear survey intercept percentage average graph diagram quadratic
handling data 2
questionnaire median deviation sampling randomness cumulative interquartile correlation inference discrete probability diagrammatic frequency statistics
geometric terms 1
width straight diameter area angle centre circle length height bisector transversal
geometric terms 2
transformation diagonal cyclic tessellation horizontal vertical curved rotation reflection elevation circumference
shapes 1
tetrahedron triangle pentagon hexagon heptagon octagon nonagon decagon rhombus rectangle quadrilateral circle cuboid
shapes 2
breadth volume cylinder vertical horizontal diagonal prism pyramid height parallel straight symmetry
adjacent supplementary interior exterior acute obtuse reflex complementary alternate
properties of circles
radius perimeter segment sphere tangent ellipse sector chord semicircle circumference diameter
similar triangular hypotenuse scalene congruent isosceles equilateral


experimental procedures 1
analyse investigate evidence comparison evaluation variables conclusion measure observe
experimental procedures 2
evaporate dissolve distillation filtration dilute filter condensation distil
experimental equipment
beaker Bunsen titration pipette burette conical photometer gauge funnel balance Liebig equipment apparatus laboratory thermometer
materials - classification
crystalline metal vitreous aerosol aqueous amorphous compound mixture alloy polymer monomer reactant
materials - properties
alkaline reactive inert volatile insulator ionic covalent semipermeable soluble density acid magnetic semiconductor
materials - particles
molecule element orbital valency radical proton neutron isotope ion electron nucleus
physical change
concentrate liquefy crystallisation volatile precipitation diffusion condensation filter distil solidify dissolve evaporate
chemical change
explosion equation activation electrolysis cathode anode hydrophilic hydrophobic neutralisation oxidation reduction reaction combustion effervescence corrosion catalysis
forces and motion
deceleration acceleration barometric gravity friction weight temperature compression pressure
energy momentum kinetic potential dissipation conduction convection radiation absorption renewable conservation
prism decibel longitudinal transverse velocity reflection refraction amplitude diffraction radiation trough frequency microwave transparent ultraviolet
polarity induction electromagnetic electrostatic dynamo particle static attraction rectifier repulsion transformer ammeter voltmeter
electrical circuits
integrated voltage filament insulation resistor transistor capacitor ampere ohm diode impedance capacitance resistance
life - cells
fertilisation conception gene hybrid inheritance organelle nucleus membrane cytoplasm chromosome meiosis mitosis gamete ciliated reproduction evolution
life - plants 1
photosynthesis moisture chlorophyll osmosis pollination humus transpiration germination diffusion
life - plants 2
stamen stigma capsule rhizome chloroplast monocotyledon dicotyledon anther style ovary ovule pollen
life - animals
vertebrate consumer habitat herbivore carnivore omnivore reptile mammal nocturnal migratory producer parasite amphibian wait respiration circulation
life - health
syndrome immune deficiency virus organism infection toxin inflammation bacteria fever immunisation


politics and government 1
restoration communism dictatorship empire totalitarian democracy nationalism fascism monarchy republic
politics and government 2
heir revolution political treason abdicate referendum suffrage Suffragette Luddite propaganda
social 1
census reform inequality abolition workhouse plague marriage disease civil feudal
social 2
serf settlement society emigrant immigrant slavery pauper nobility clergy peasant
laissez-faire engineering nationalisation privatisation Depression poverty exploitation quota duty subsidy commerce industrial agricultural piracy factory
belief monastery Protestant religion Dissolution nonconformist worship symbol Reformation pilgrimage superstition persecution Catholic
unification independence colony exploration negotiation commonwealth relations rebellion empire treaty ambassador
republic politics reign parliament government colony independence political colonisation dynasty constitutional imperialism imperial
retreat victory strategy armour armistice holocaust conscription recruitment mercenary soldier battle invasion armies conquest
general terms
museum eyewitness chronology prehistoric century evidence archive neolithic archaeology medieval


physical features
estuary mountain gorge tributary delta confluence source watershed continent ocean valley island glacier
industry leisure location location manufacturing business primary secondary tertiary accessibility employment
geological terms
sedimentary igneous metamorphic lava limestone granite tectonic magma epicentre Richter volcano fossil earthquake
ecological terms
environment pollution global famine greenhouse deforestation renewable sustainable desertification stewardship overfishing conservation
monsoon equatorial atmosphere humidity temperature climate precipitation thermometer
precipitation drought meteorology anticyclone isobar rainfall sunshine flood depression pressure gradient forecast gauge barometer
biomass ecosystem desert habitat tundra savannah steppe prairie deciduous coniferous fauna flora
demography urbanisation colony urban suburban rural amenities population distribution residential conurbation country
some european lands
Belgium Denmark France Greece Germany Portugal Netherlands Ireland Italy Finland Sweden Spain Luxembourg
diversification cereal pastoral arable livestock rotation irrigation agriculture
natural hazards
earthquake flood volcano tsunami avalanche cyclone heatwave typhoon tornado hurricane blizzard
meridians parallels reference equator contour longitude latitude
erosion weathering transport deposition eruption

Design and Technology

projection isometric estimate elevation layout design dimension graphic perspective research criteria specification
tools and equipment
chisel hacksaw screw scissors machine adhesive bradawl pliers hammer
materials and components
thermoset component textile flexible durability tolerance tensile suitability strength quality rigid thermoplastic manufacture
processes and techniques
modify compression attach separate assemble moulding
systems and control
device circuit electrical electronic switch pneumatic mechanical feedback sensor
reinforce suspension structure bridge efficiency tension cantilever unstable buckle maintenance reliability
general terms
construction evaluation measure design materials structure technology analysis
food hygiene 1
hygiene bacteria listeria salmonella poisoning degrees centigrade conditions intestines spread sneeze uncovered
food hygiene 2
temperatures bleaching disinfectant freezer gloves touching detergent refrigerator boiling
food preparation
rubbing mixing whisking stirring chopping grating folding dicing slicing peeling defrosting
kitchen equipment
utensils opener grater whisk potato-peeler rolling-pin measuring chopping-board mixer sieve scissors knife scales
textile fibres 1
silk cotton natural wool flax hemp jute sisal hide leather fibre yarn
textile fibres 2
viscose polyester mohair tweed worsted corduroy towelling cashmere man-made synthetic acrylic nylon
textile properties
shrink absorbent stretchy waterproof hard-wearing lightweight crease-resistant delicate comfortable fleecy texture
textile processors
batik dyeing spinning printing weaving knitting felting bonding tufting silk-screen tie-dyeing roller
stitching bobbin shuttle overlock crochet tapestry thread embroidery
talk about clothing
uniform colour duvet fashion footwear accessories trend
fabric care
washing drying ironing dry-cleaning instructions
aftercare customer mail-order return multiple franchise
boiling grilling baking simmering frying reheating timing
protein carbohydrate unsaturated cholesterol balanced vitamins minerals digestion vegetarian vegan diet fibre


handling information 1
software data quantitative qualitative access spreadsheet delete database processing insert information loading analysis
handling information 2
clicking numeric function record cell icon image column field file scale
control and modelling
robot logging interface measurement sensor simulation feedback variable procedure
monitor keyboard hardware computer binary megabyte silicon barcode pixel laser plotter scanner kilobyte memory microprocessor
modem network import teleworking internet fax satellite phone channel communication digital
using a computer
word-processor search cursor back-up font replace paste menu desktop template virus


abstract Cubism Pointillism Surrealism Classicism contemporary figurative medieval Impressionism Expressionism Baroque Renaissance realism
forms of art: 2-dimensions
embroidery illustration stencil collage photograph picture batik silhouette cartoon portrait tapestry fresco mural landscape mosaic caricature
forms of art: 3-dimensions
relief construction casting mask origami carving jewellery sculpture ceramics architecture artefact
talking about art
composition foreground figure proportion texture tactile background culture surface contrasting decorative abstract
tools and materials
tempera earthenware terracotta silk-screen charcoal turpentine canvas pastel bronze acrylic palette crayon
perspective enlarge superimpose illuminate highlight stipple redefine shading crosshatch


rehearsal acoustics amplifier recital performance microphone practise practice concert
rhythm improvisation instrumental chord melody accompaniment variation notation phrase ostinato ostinato orchestration treble clef stave
minimalist Renaissance opera concerto sonata oratorio reggae fugue fusion Baroque musical classical Romantic symphony
soloist trio orchestra conductor composer choir duet quartet busker minstrel ensemble vocalist gamelan instrumentalist
talking about music
tonality homophonic polyphonic dissonance pentatonic chromatic descant modulation syncopation instrumentation harmony discord lyrics theme
piano xylophone bassoon oboe cello saxophone sitar brass woodwind clarinet glockenspiel timpani guitar percussion strings
alto contralto soprano tenor bass
elements of music
dynamics tempo texture pitch duration timbre silence

Physical Education

badminton volleyball hockey rounders netball referee court cricket coach tennis fielding offside attacker defender umpire
gymnastic activities
somersault trampoline vault approach apparatus gymnastics rolling balancing
athletic activities
athletics hurdles discus javelin relay jogging sprint disqualification competition baton decathlon pentathlon marathon attempt
outdoor activities
navigation survival kayak canoeing climbing abseiling orienteering adventurous obstacle
breaststroke synchronised resuscitation medley propulsion backstroke butterfly competitor diving gala
extension stretching rotation abduction adduction aerobic isotonic isometric flexibility endurance technique repetitions circuit
the body
circulatory vertebral hygiene injury adrenaline dislocate concussion nutrition dehydration deficiency muscle respiration
choreography rhythm ballet ballroom co-ordination interpretation performance expression

Religious Education

Taoism Christianity Islam Buddhism Judaism Jainism Baha'i Rastafarianism Sikhism Shintoism Confucianism Hinduism
religious practice
meditation chanting kneeling prostration baptism funeral yoga rite miracle service prayer ceremony worship wedding
places of worship
church abbey monastery mandir gurdwara chapel temple mosque synagogue cathedral
people and religion
rabbi ascetic worshipper congregation saint archbishop mullah monk clergyman bishop guru disciple yogi priest vicar
religious groups
Protestant Orthodox liberal Reform Catholic Evangelical Shia Sunni Mahayana Theravada


creating 1
audience topic conflict rehearse improvisation theme confrontation message stimulus brainstorm target issue
creating 2
speech scenario storyboard monologue direction tension suspense context scene action dialogue
design effect sound theatre costume make-up management lighting
drama mime dance movement improvisation
review documentary surreal fantasy drama tragedy comedy farce musical
cinema television video theatre radio


approval prefer preference pressure encourage reality approve control discipline encouragement gender involve involvement reward discussion
communication relationship represent representative dependent
problem areas
stereotype racist sanction sexism sexist addict addiction dependency racism
emotional generous generosity achieve achievement emotion effort able ability

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